About Jack Metcalfe
The man behind the pages

Jack Metcalfe has over 30 years’ experience as a marqueteur, and has devoted himself to uncovering and mastering the techniques practised by Chippendale’s skilled artisans in the 18th century. Using techniques, equipment, dyes and materials, as close to the original as possible, Jack has built replicas of Chippendale’s most striking pieces of furniture. Some of the pieces he’s built include the famous Diana & Minerva Commode.

His extensive research into dyes, including ground-breaking scientific analysis of the dyes used on Chippendale’s marquetry, has enabled Jack to reveal the startlingly fresh colours that Chippendale furniture would have displayed when it was first made.

Along with being an author, Jack frequently gives lectures on Thomas Chippendale’s life and work around the UK and Europe.

If you want to practice the Chippendale techniques Jack has mastered, use Jack’s book called The Marquetry Course,
available below.

Jack has also contributed marquetry written work in the following books:

Die Kunst des Holzfärbens (The Art of Wood Dyeing)
by Hans Michaelsen, Published 2020

The Warrington Chest 1888
by Tool & Trades History Society (TATHS), Published 2021.